About the Jewelry

Welcome to Ladybird Gypsy Crafts, where you can find beautiful chain maille jewelry such as pendants, earrings, bracelets, and more, all handmade! We offer chain maille (or chain mail, chainmail, or chainmaille) in many color choices, with the option for custom made pieces. Made with high quality materials and attention to the tiniest details, we put time and care into each and every piece!

About the Artists

Ladybird Gypsy Crafts is small. So small in fact that we have no employees, no payroll, and no set hours of operation. We make these items in what leisure time we have after the days work is done and the evenings chores are complete. Each item is a hand made individual piece: not because that’s neat or the current trend, but because there is no other way we could do it. We thank you for looking at our site and taking the time to appreciate the crafts we make.